Online Meetup Recording: Create Users in Okta from Google Sheets

We hosted an online meetup where we built a flow that creates users in Okta from Google Sheets.

Meetup recording

The meetup covered:

  • What’s on the Workflows dashboard
  • Building a flow with the basic building blocks (events, schedule, actions, functions, and connectors)
  • Testing the flow

This is the recording of the meetup and steps for importing the flow.

Trying the flow

To try the flow built during this meetup, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the flows files (zip file)
  2. Extract the file. You will have a createUsersFromGoogleSheetsOnlineMeetup.folder file
  3. In Workflows, click the three vertical dots menu ⠇on a folder and select ↑ Import. Select the createUsersFromGoogleSheetsOnlineMeetup.folder file. Click OK to import the flows

You now have a folder with two imported flow:

Import users from Google Sheets flow

To finish configuring the flows:

  1. Create a connector to an Okta organization and Google Sheets
  2. Set the connections for the following cards:
    • Google Sheets – Read All Rows
    • Okta – Create User
  3. Create a Google Sheets spreadsheet with three columns (screenshot shown below
  4. When configuring the Google Sheets connector, you can choose a spreadsheet by its ID or by its name. To set by ID, copy the URL highlighted in the screen shot below
Google Sheets spreadsheet with sample users

More resources to help you learn:

🍫 Get help from Workflows specialists during weekly community office hours.

📺 Learn from Workflows videos.

🛟 Get help from support: discuss a Workflows topic or ask a question.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Join the #okta-workflows channel on MacAdmins Slack to learn and get help from the community.

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