Workflows Tips #46: Search Flow History, Allow Delegated Admins to Run Flows, Search Groups and Working With Lists Meetup Recording

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In this post:

  • New in Workflows: search flow history and allow delegated admins to run flows
  • Search for groups with custom search criteria
  • Working with lists online meetup recording

New in Workflows: Search Flow History and Allow Delegated Admins to Run Flows

Search flow history

The Workflows team released two new features to help you build workflows and automatons:

  • Search flow history – allows finding a particular text within many executions
  • Allow delegated admins to run flow – allows non-super admins to run flows

Read more about search flow history and delegated flows.

Search for groups with custom search criteria

When searching for groups, you want to find all groups that start with a specific text. Use the Custom Search Criteria field with one of Okta’s search operators.

In the example below, the card will find all groups where the name starts with (sw) No-code:

Search groups card

Working with lists online meetup recording

In this video, you will learn how to build a flow to process a list of records with a helper flow:

  • How to use the List For-Each card to process a list
  • How to use the streaming option to process a list

More resources to help you learn more

📇 Join the weekly community office hours to get help.

🎥 Short how-to Workflows videos to help you become a better automation builder.

📘 Read our Workflows How-To Guides based on community member questions.

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