Workflows Tips #47: Google Docs Connector, Miro Administration and Miro User Management Connectors, and Delete a Folder

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In this post:

  • Google Docs connector
  • Miro User Management and Miro Administration connectors
  • Delete a folder

New Google Docs connector

Workflows has a new Google Docs connector. The connection supports the following actions:

  • Create document
  • Custom API Action
  • Read document
  • Update document
Google Docs connector

Miro Administration and Miro User Management connectors

Workflows has two new Miro connectors:

  • Miro Administration – allows enterprise customers to create teams, and manage their team settings and members of the teams
  • Miro User Management – allows Miro enterprise customers with SCIM enabled to add users to their organization and manage users’ licenses and statuses

The Miro Adminstration connector has the following actions:

  • Create Team
  • Search Teams
  • Add Member to Team
  • Update Team Member Role
  • Get Team Settings
  • Update Team Sharing Policies Settings
  • Update Team Collaboration Settings
  • Update Team Discovery Settings
  • Update Team Copy Access Settings

The Miro User Management connector has the following actions:

  • Create User
  • Read User
  • Upgrade User License Type to Full
  • Update User Status
Miro User Management connector

Delete a folder

Now you can delete a folder that has flows in it (previously the folder had to be empty). When you delete a folder, you will see the following message:

Delete a folder

Type the folder name to confirm you want to delete it and click the Delete button. Any active flows in a folder will need to be turned off before you can delete the folder.

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