Workflows Tips #52: New Workflows Builder Community Page

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  1. New Workflows builder community page

New Workflows builder community page

There is a lot of Workflows educational content and community resources in different places. You will find Workflows resources on the Okta blog, the Okta community, MacAdmins Slack, Crowdcast, and this blog.

Workflows builder community page

To simplify finding all the resources, we are relaunching the Workflows Builders Community page. This page has all the Workflows resources you need:

  • 🚀 Getting started
    • Quick start tutorial: Notify When a User Is Suspended
    • More tutorials
    • Documentation
  • 📚Learning Workflows
    • Blog
    • YouTube playlist
    • Training
    • New features & connectors
  • 🙋🏻‍♀️Workflows community
    • Discussion group
    • Workflows answers
    • MacAdmins Slack
  • 🎪 Online events
    • Monthly ‘Build Your First Flow’ webinar series
    • Online meetups on Crowdcast
    • Office hours

Go to the Workflows Builder Community page.

More resources to help you learn:

 📡 Follow us on the Okta Workflows Crowdcast channel to get notified when our next online meetup goes live.

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