Workflows Tips #49: Note Card In Every Flow, Add a Comment to Card Fields and How to Create a Report in Workflows Meetup Recording

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In this post:

  • Drop a Note card in every flow
  • Add a comment to card fields
  • Create a Report in Okta Workflows – meetup recording

Drop a Note card in every flow

This tip is from Brian Wilkins, IT Engineer at a16z.

Drop a “Note” card in the beginning of every flow and write a paragraph about the context, intent, requestor, deliverable, and expected use case of that workflow. Sounds like overkill? You’ll thank me a couple years from now when you’re auditing old workflows and trying to figure out what/where/why it was made.

Note card at the beginning of a flow

Add a comment to a card fields

This tip is from Rob DeWolf, Senior System Administrator with a passion for tech and automation, and a member of the MacAdmins Slack Community.

Filling in the “Help” portion of fields, so people reviewing Flows can see exactly why it is that way. Including yourself…. If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget.
It also helps tidy up the Note cards I put next to every card that explains what it does. I use the Note for what the card is doing, and then the Help portion for each field to dig down into more info.

Field help text

To add a field comment, next to the field type, click down arrow and select Customize:

Adding field help text

Enter the field help or a comment into Help Text field and click Save.

Field help text

You will see a question-mark icon next to the field:

Field with a help text

When you hover over the question-mark icon, you will see the field comment:

Help text

This is one of my favorite tips 🍭.

Create a Report in Okta Workflows – meetup recording

In this video, you will learn step-by-step how to build this flow:

  • Identify suspended users
  • Save users into Google Sheets document
  • Notify via email when a user was suspended

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